Want to create mass awareness?
Planning to document an important event?
Want to educate your audience through Audio Video Documentary?
Want to develop a documentary about your organization’s activities?
Want to create a documentary on
the joyous moments spent with your family?

Documentary is the medium used by Government Departments, NGOs, Private Organizations, Broadcasters and even Individuals to convey their message effectively to a large group of audience.
The direction and composition of a documentary makes all the difference to the successful communication of its content. Information-rich programs ideally never ignore the visual nature of the medium in which they operate – quality production and skilled direction can enhance the impact of any documentary, be it short or feature-length.

360dms is a professional company providing end–to–end solutions for your documentary project from the initial stages of the idea to the final product with just a minimum involvement on your part.

360 Dms Advantage

360 is involved with the production of numerous documentaries, providing pre-production consultation, filming expertise, shooting equipments and post-production services to a wide variety of factual projects. 360 Dms has a team of gifted script writers, professional cinematographers, proficient editors and talented voice over artists who have an in depth knowledge in making creative and innovative films which never detract from the central theme.

At 360 Dms, we have latest systems and softwares which facilitate the innovative team to deliver optimal performance all the time:

High End Video Shooting Facilities
Professional Voice Over and Recording Facilities
Linear and Non Linear Video Editing Facilities
DVD Authoring Facility
Quality Control Facility
Advanced Animation Tools
Resource Rich Library
Exhaustive Reference Material

Exposition, montage, interviews, archival footage, reconstruction, voice over – these are all the integral parts of the documentaries shot by 360 Dms. Lack of knowledge is never a hindrance for team 360 Dms to shoot a documentary on any project because we acquire guidance by experts related to specific subjects.
The type of documentaries that 360 Dms can prepare encompasses a wide range which is inclusive of:

Awareness oriented documentaries
Personal documentaries
Family documentaries
Educational documentaries
History based documentaries
Educational documentaries
Project Proposal documentaries
Organizational activity oriented documentaries
Tourism oriented documentaries
Lifestyle oriented documentaries
Community health documentaries

The documentaries developed by 360 Dms are broadcasted through various media such as Theaters, Television, Internet and CD-ROM.
360 Dms aims at putting across the message to the target audience with a simple and effective approach, keeping their knowledge level in mind.

Experience and professionalism, the two essential aspects for making a successful documentary production, are in abundance at 360 Dms.