Campaign Presentations

Wondering… How campaign management can help you in your Business?

Running multiple campaigns for multiple regions and multiple media can be a complex process to manage.

We can help you to run and manage campaigns efficiently, considering the geographic, social and economic mindset of the target audience.Campaigns are essential for promoting any business. You need to make your customers aware of your offers. Campaigns need to be well planned to get maximum returns on the investment. It also needs to be timed well to expect good response.

We handle campaigns for

  Product Launches
B2C Offers
B2B Offers
Social Awareness

Our campaign specialist will analyze the purpose of the campaign, budget for the campaign & the results expected and suggest the best medium for promoting the campaigns.

We can help you to create effective campaign collaterals which include:

  Creative Designs
Impact Messages
Flash / Gif Banners
TV Ads
Radio Jingles
Video Clips

Some of the mediums for promoting campaigns include:

  Print – Newspaper, Magazine, Hoarding, POS
Broadcast – TV, Radio, Theatres, Digital Display, Web banner, YouTube
Google AD words, Yahoo AD words
Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube

360 Dms has always been in the forefront for adopting and championing the new tools and technologies in campaign management and have successfully combined different medium to provide 360 degree promotional solutions for its clients.
Campaign Management includes planning of campaign, planning of creative, planning media for reaching out the message and collecting the response to measure the effective of the campaign.

360 Dms provides reports to measure the success of any campaign that it handles.
We undertake the complete responsibility of Campaign Management of your business and help you to gain maximum benefits leading to higher market share.

If you want to harness the potential of integrated Campaign Management Solution, talk to us today.
Our Campaign Experts will design the right Campaign plans to give your campaign maximum Reach and Results!!
Now team-up with 360 Dms, to get a competitive edge in your market.

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