CBTs and WBTs

Is training giving you sleepless nights?
Not happy with your current Training Methods?
Planning to reduce training costs while maintaining Efficiency?

CBTs and WBTs developed by 360 Dms will put an end to all such worries.
As a result of technological advances in the field of training and education, today we have tools like CBTs and WBTs that combine simplicity with ease and allow the user to learn and understand at his comforts.CBT is a type of education in which the student learns by executing special training programs on a computer. CBT is especially effective for training people to use computer applications because the CBT program can be integrated with the applications so that the students can practice using the application as they learn. WBT is a generic term for training and/or instruction delivered over the Internet or an intranet using a Web browser.In this day and age it is easier than ever to plan and implement customised CBT and WBT projects. 360 Dms provides cost effective top-notch CBTs and WBTs that is simple, user-friendly and effective. 360 Dms developed CBTs and WBTs are innovative, flexible and provide the user unique learning experience. 360 Dms ensures that these tools are compliant with global standards.Benefits of CBTs and WBTs created by 360 Dms team:
Visually rich experience
Interactive learning
Reduces training costs
Shortens development time
Greater flexibility
Easily scalable and quickly deployable
In-built content management system.
Use of multimedia elements like 2D/3D animations, audio-video etc.

360 Dms is adept at developing customized computer based training development software that are high on quality and provide simple-to-use training methods. With rich experience in developing top quality training methods through e-learning solutions, 360 Dms designs CBTs and WBTs that can, depending on your needs, be on CD-ROM, Intranet or Internet or a mix of different modes of training.

CBTs and WBTs created by team 360 Dms uses the power of various media like illustrations, animations, videos, audio and graphics to give an effective learning experience.

360 Dms is equipped with:

High End Pentium Core 2 Duo Machines
High End Graphic Cards up to 2 GB
Advanced Animation Tools
Latest CBT & WBT development tools
Simulation Tools
Resource rich library

CBT and WBT solutions developed by team 360 Dms will consist of animations, illustrations, games, puzzles, quiz and moreover interactivity to give more control to the user or learner.

Whether you want to train your employees,
students or technical staff, you can rely on 360 Dms 
for customized CBTs and WBTs
that will not only save money on training
but also improve the learning efficiency.