Marketing Services

What are Marketing Services?

It is the act, process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.

In order to continue to thrive, companies must acquire and retain customers. This is usually done through marketing.

Marketing conveys your message consistently to your ideal client, helps to discover what your customers want and need, what price they will pay and where to find people that will most likely buy.

All too often businesses do not have a solid plan or strategy. They invest in the typical advertising such as yellow pages, newspaper ads, even radio and television just to throw it out there to see what sticks. Then sit back and wait to see what happens. For what? Without planning, research, tracking and analysis, your marketing efforts will fail.

Our integrated marketing process consists of understanding your customer’s needs, developing a marketing strategy, building and implementing an integrated marketing plan, and tracking the results.

Although the process seems simple, most companies have a hard time developing an integrated marketing strategy that includes an interactive approach that actually ENGAGES their prospective audience.

How do you approach the process of marketing products and services?

To be effective, supporting elements such as targeting and positioning must be an integral part of your plan. A marketing strategy consists of a cohesive melding of whom you are targeting, positioning to differentiate yourself from your competitors and what features your product or service will have. It also addresses what message to send and how to send it, what price you will charge and how you will respond to customer service.

We help you formulate a marketing strategy that reflects the needs, interests, habits, and behaviors of your customer through research and by getting to know your business. Let us find out what your customers want and then help you give it to them.

Our Marketing Services include:

Marketing Strategy
Customer Engagement Programs
Online & Offline Advertising & Promotions
Events & Launches
Campaign Management
PR Activities
Co-Branding Activities
Market Survey & Research

360 Dms offers clients integrated marketing solutions that are response oriented, data driven with a strong focus on ROI, using all touch points relevant to our target audience. We believe in testing and refining our programs through constant monitoring and data mining – be it quantitative or qualitative.

Integrated 360 degree marketing has evolved from the set of seemingly independent tools, to name a few :

Database Marketing
Direct Mailing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Online marketing
Social media

However the power of communication and marketing is realized when these seemingly independent tools work in an integrated way, thus sensitizing & engaging the end customer via all touch points.

360 Dms has always been in the forefront for adopting and championing the new tools and technologies in marketing and have successfully combined different mediums to provide 360 degree engagement solutions for its clients.

We undertake the complete responsibility of Marketing Life Cycle Management of your business and help you to gain maximum benefits leading to higher market share.

If you want to harness the potential of integrated marketing strategy and execution, talk to us today.

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